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Background Papers: the faith traditions and development

Working Paper 02 (2007) An Overview of Development Studies: Background Paper Emmanuel Nkurunziza

Working Paper 16 (2007) Concepts of Development in the Christian Traditions: A Religions and Development Background Kirsteen Kim

Working Paper 17 (2007) African Traditional Religion and Concepts of Development: A Background Paper Namawu Alhassan Alolo

Working Paper 18 (2007) Buddhism and Development: A Background Paper Emma Tomalin

Working Paper 19 (2009) Hinduism and International Development: Religions and Development Background Paper Emma Tomalin

Working Paper 20 (2008) Concepts of Development in 'Islam': A Review of Contemporary Literature and Practice Mohammed Ralf Kroessin

Working Paper 21 (2008) Sikhism and Development: A Review Darshan S Tatla

Literature reviews

Working Paper 01 (2007) Religion and Public Management Literature Review Rebecca Shah, George Larbi, Richard Batley

Working Paper 03 (2007) Religion and Economics: A Literature Review Paul Jackson, Christiane Fleischer

Working Paper 04 (2007) Sociology, Religion and Development: Literature Review Emma Tomalin

Working Paper 05 (2007) The Relationships Between Religion and Development: Views from Anthropology Tamsin Bradley

Working Paper 06 (2007) Religious Studies and Development: A Literature Review Emma Tomalin

Working Paper 07 (2007) Political Science, Religion and Development: A Literature Review Gurharpal Singh, Heather Marquette, Namawu Alhassan Alolo

Working Paper 08 (2007) Gender Studies Approaches to the Relationships between Religion and Development Emma Tomalin

Working Paper 10 (2008) India: Some Reviews of Literature Related to Religions and Development Religions and Development Research Programme (Ed)

Working Paper 11 (2007) Religions and Development in Tanzania: A Preliminary Literature Review Amos Mhina

Working Paper 22 (2008) Islamic Economics: A Survey of Literature Asad Zaman

Working Paper 25 (2008) Psychology, Religion and Development: A Literature Review Faith Martin

Working Paper 31 (2009) Religions and Development in Nigeria: A Preliminary Literature Review F.O. Nyemutu Robert, Olakunle Odumosu, Michael Nabofa

Working Paper 33 (2009) The Relationships between Values, Religious Teaching and Development Concepts and Practices: A Preliminary Literature Review Justina Dugbazah

Working Paper 68 (2011) Wellbeing and Religion in India: A Preliminary Literature Review Shreya Jha

Research Results

Relationship between values, religious teachings and development concepts

Working Paper 51 (2011) 'The people know they need religion in order to develop': the relationships between Hindu and Buddhist religious teachings, values and beliefs, and visions of the future in Pune, India Tamsin Bradley, Zara Ramsay

Faith-based service providers and their relationships with the state

Working Paper 12 (2007) Faith-based Organisations in South Asia: Historical Evolution, Current Status and Nature of Interaction with the State Masooda Bano and Padmaja Nair

Working Paper 13 (2008) Allowing for Diversity: State-Madrasa Relations in Bangladesh Masooda Bano

Working Paper 14 (2007) Contesting Ideologies and Struggle for Authority: State-Madrasa Engagement in Pakistan Masooda Bano

Working Paper 15 (2009) The State and Madrasas in India Padmaja Nair

Working Paper 29 (2009) Engaged yet Disengaged: Islamic Schools and the State in Kano, Nigeria Masooda Bano

Working Paper 34 (2009) Marker of Identity: Religious Political Parties and Welfare Work - The Case of Jama'at-i-Islami in Pakistan and Bangladesh Masooda Bano

Working Paper 37 (2009) Religious Political Parties and their Welfare Work: Relations between the RSS, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Vidya Bharati Schools in India Padmaja Nair

Working Paper 45 (2010) Female Madrasas in Pakistan: A Response to Modernity Masooda Bano

The Development Activities of NGOs and FBOs

Working Paper 49 (2010) The Development Activities, Values and Performance of Non-governmental and Faith-based Organizations in Magu and Newala Districts, Tanzania Maia Green, Claire Mercer and Simeon Mesaki

Working Paper 50 (2010) The Role of Faith in the Charity and Development Sector in Karachi and Sindh, Pakistan Nida Kirmani and Sarah Zaidi

Working Paper 56 (2011) Comparing Religious and Secular NGOs in Nigeria: are Faith-Based Organizations distinctive? Comfort Davis, Ayodele Jegede, Robert Leurs, Adegbenga Sunmola and Ukoha Ukiwo

Working Paper 61 (2011) Strengthening the Voice of the Poor: Faith-Based Organizations' Engagement in Policy Consultation Processes in Nigeria and Tanzania Michael Taylor

Religion, politics and governance

Working Paper 26 (2009) Religions, Democracy and Governance: Spaces for the Marginalized in Contemporary India Gurpreet Mahajan and Surinder S. Jodhka

Working Paper 27 (2009) Religion, Politics and Governance in Pakistan Mohammed Waseem and Mariam Mufti

Working Paper 39 (2009) Religion, Politics and Governance in Nigeria Insa Nolte with Nathaniel Danjibo and Abubaker Oladeji

Working Paper 55 (2011) Religion Politics and Governance in India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Tanzania: An Overview Gurharpal Singh

Religion and attitudes towards corruption

Working Paper 41 (2010) Whither Morality: 'Finding God' in the Fight against Corruption Heather Marquette

Working Paper 42 (2010) Corruption, Religion and Moral Development Heather Marquette

Working Paper 53 (2011) Religions, ethics and attitudes towards corruption: a study of perspectives in India Vinod Pavarala, Kanchan Malik

Religion, urban communal conflict and post-conflict transformation

Working Paper 44 (2010) Elusive Peace: seeking a 'New Normal' in Post-Conflict Ahmedabad and Mumbai Dipankar Gupta

Working Paper 48 (2010) Dilemmas of Pride and Pain: Sectarian Conflict and Conflict Transformation in Pakistan Mohammed Waseem

Working Paper 69 (2011) Violent Conflict and its Aftermath in Jos and Kano, Nigeria: What is the Role of Religion??Shedrack Gaya Best, Carole Rakodi

Mapping the activities of FBOs in development

Working Paper 24 (2008) Mapping the Terrain: The Activities of Faith-based Organisations in Development in Pakistan Muhammad Asif Iqbal and?Saima Siddiqui

Working Paper 28 (2009) Mapping Faith-based Development Activities in Contemporary Maharashtra, India Surinder S. Jodhka and Pradyumna Bora

Working Paper 38 (2009) Mapping the Activities of Faith-based Organizations in Development in Nigeria Olakunle Odumosu, Rasheed Olaniyi and Sunday Alonge

Working Paper 58 (2011) Mapping the Development Activities of Faith-Based Organizations in Tanzania Robert Leurs, Peter Tumaini-Mungu and Abu Mvungi

Religion and movements for social change

Working Paper 23 (2008) The Relationships between Social Movements and Religion in Processes of Social Change: A Preliminary Literature Review Nida Kirmani

Working Paper 35 (2009) Beyond the Religious Impasse: Mobilizing for Muslim Women's Rights in India Nida Kirmani

Working Paper 46 (2010) Review of Literature on the Role of Religion in Women's Movements for Social Change in Nigeria Fatima Adamu, Oluwafunmilayo Para-Mallam, Adebayo Ajala and Bolatito Lanre-Abass

Working Paper 47 (2010) Religious Mobilizations for Development and Social Change: A Comparative Study of Dalit Movements in Punjab and Maharashtra, India Surinder S. Jodhka and Avinash Kumar

Working Paper 57 (2011) The Women's Land Rights Movement, Customary Law and Religion in Tanzania Bernadeta Killian

Working Paper 59 (2011) The Role of Religion in Women's Movements: the campaign for domestication of CEDAW in Nigeria Oluwafunmimayo J. Para-Mallam, Bolatito Lanre-Abass, Fatima Adamu and Adebayo O. Ajala

Working Paper 60 (2011)?Engagements of Women's Movements with Religion: legal reform in Anambra State, Nigeria Fatima Adamu Adebayo O. Ajala, Oluwafunmimayo J. Para-Mallam and Bolatito Lanre-Abass

Religion and wellbeing

Working Paper 32 (2009) Beyond the Paradox: Religion, Family and Modernity in Contemporary Bangladesh Sarah White

Working Paper 36 (2009) Domains of Contestation: Women's Empowerment and Islam in Bangladesh Sarah White

Working Paper 40 (2009) Religion, Politics and the Everyday Moral Order in Bangladesh Joe Devine and Sarah White

Working Paper 54 (2011) Religion, development and wellbeing in India Sarah C White, Joe Devine, Shreya JhaReligious transnationalism and development

Working Paper 52 (revised edition 2012) New Forms of Religious Transnationalism and Development Initiatives: A Case Study of Dera Sant Sarwan Dass, Ballan, Punjab, India, Gurharpal Singh, Charlene Simon and Darshan Singh Tatla

Working Paper 63 (2011) Interactions between Religion and Development in India: Values, Organizations and Social Movements Surinder S. Jodhka

Working Paper 64 (2011) Religious Organizations, Values and Rivalry in Nigeria: Exploring the Implications for Development and Politics Olakunle Odumosu and Antonia Taiye Simbine

Working Paper 65 (2011) Interactions between Religion, the State and Civil Society in Pakistan: Some Implications for Development Nida Kirmani


Working Paper 30 (2009) Mapping UK Muslim Development NGOs Mohammed Ralf Kroessin

Working Paper 43 (2010) Politics, Religion and the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda Paul Jackson


The Golden Temple (Harimandir Sahib), Amritsar, India. The Golden Temple is the Sikhs' holiest shrine.

Photograph taken by Gurharpal Singh, February 2007

The Religions and Development Research Programme is an international research partnership exploring the relationships between several major world religions, development in low-income countries and poverty reduction.

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